I lived life on the fast lane, spurned on by international success and an excess of traveling. After surviving a live changing experience my outlook on live took a new turn. I became aware of the desire of others with a disability or an illness to escape the confines of their homes too - to be able to go out into the big wide world! My Decision: To establish the social platform - GROSSER WAGEN. (BIG WAGON, the name of a constellation and ambiguously, large chance)


We have organised barrier-free travels, special events within the Berlin club scene, so called "Rock'n'Rolli". We spread awareness through print and film media, we offer advice and consultation on expanding the limitations at cultural projects.


Our goal. Inclusion with the heart, soul and mind. To create an awareness of our diversity without the pity-factor. In my point of view, we should start to invest in humanity, in each human. We invite you to support Inclusion and in doing so, you will set at mark for us all, with or without disabilities.